Nox packages two electric bicycles with a single shared motor and battery


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Interesting concept with two bikes and one drive system... I like everything about it except the price! ;)

Nox packages two electric bicycles with a single battery and motor (

"Buy one; get one deals aren’t the norm in the e-bike industry. But Nox’s new package that offers one and a half e-bikes might be on its way to changing that. The German-based Nox Cycles is no stranger to electric bikes, already offering electric mountain bikes for the better part of a decade. Now the company is trying to entice its riders into hitting both the mountain slopes and the tarmac by offering its new 2021 Metropolis line of rugged city/trail e-bikes that share a single motor and battery. The ability to split a motor and battery between two e-bikes is possible thanks to the Fazua e-bike drive.

The German mid-drive houses both the motor and battery in a removable sleeve hidden within the bike’s downtube. When the motor and battery are removed, the bike returns to the functionality and weight of a typical pedal bike. Nox’s new Metropolis line uses the same Fazua mid-drive system as its Helium electric mountain bike line, making the part-sharing setup possible. Unlike the heavier duty full-suspension Helium e-bikes, the new Metropolis model is designed for city riding with occasional trail excursions.
The package, known as the “Take 2 E-Ride 1” bundle, includes one of each bike and a single Fazua motor and battery combo.

Theoretically this offers riders two e-bikes without the full cost of two e-bikes, though of course only one e-bike can be powered at a time. The second would remain functional as a pedal bike, if the owner wanted to bring along a friend with a (hopefully) powerful pair of legs to keep up. While the goal of the package is to help riders who would be interested in both bikes save money, don’t expect this to be a low cost offering. Nox only deals in high-end e-bikes and so the total cost of the bundle still starts at a whopping €8,699 (approximately US$10,730)."



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Uh, won't the dude on the eBike get the short end of the battery even after that coffee run? Those Fazua batteries are not many wh's IIRC?

My eMTBs and road bike take the same battery, albeit with different drives, 2 mid/one hub for way less with way more wh's.


That just seems a little backwards to me?? They’re going to give you 1 & 1/2 bikes for the price of well over 2 decent bikes.
The world has gone nuts!
They’re going to give you 2 ebikes, take the battery and motor out of 1 of them. Tell you “this is an awesome concept”..... piss up your back and tell you “yeah, it’s raining bro”..... “honestly”!! WTF!!