NuVinci N360


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Anyone who wants to try the N360 can buy it on delivery for $199.50. I just bought 3. I plan on building a rear wheel for my original BBS02 36V 500W motor. Even though the N360 is rated to 250W and I'll be using it on a 500W motor, I believe there's a work around if you have the USB programming cable. I will program the controller to limit power on start and in PAS 1 & 2 I'll limit the power to less then 300W. I'll allow the power to exceed 300W above PAS 2 and only use those levels when grades are minimal and the bike is moving at speed. I've read blog's where riders are using the N360 on 750W installations....probably not the best use, but, if you program the controller on a 750W motor you may be able to avoid trashing the hub.

Court J.


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Court, is that the latest version or an older one? I've not kept up with them, but at that price I'm interested for my Elliptigo at least. Does that include shifter and everything needed?