O light r n 1500


Just purchased but curious if anyone knows about an extended mount bracket so that I can install light in front of my Moscow Plus centre position display. Because light has a mount that requires a twisting motion to install and remove, the included handlebar mount needs to be installed between centre display and grip. Therefore, light is not centered on bar.,
Thank you!!


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I use these products from RAM to mount my Olight X7 Marauder to my Jones H bars:

P1080055a.jpg ramb201a.jpg ramb231zinc_img2.jpg IMG_0589c.jpg

The body of the light is held in the crotch of the "V" bracket with a hose clamp (Pic 1). It looks jury rigged but it's sturdy and works quite well. The light is easily removed for hand held use. Your Olight RN 1500 should fit in a similar manner with the handlebar mount removed.

The V bracket is held to the bars with a clamp arm and ball socket. (Pics 2 & 3). My light isn't centered either in Pic 4 since it is a flood type and I don't notice the offset. It could easily be centered by using a longer clamp arm and setting it at an angle or relocating the bar ball mount if possible. It could be mounted below and forward of the bars if necessary.

These RAM mounts are very flexible and extremely rigid. I use them to mount a variety of things to my bars including smartphone, camera, GPS, bottle cage etc. The possibilities are almost endless with all the different styles available:


BTW, I'm not associated with RAM in any way other than a being a very satisfied customer.