Odd behaviors on Shred


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I've got over 2000 miles on my Shred and love it. For the most part, it's been great. I'm running into a couple of issues and can't get much response from Gordon/S604. These issues cropped up within the last few weeks (at over 1500 miles).

1. Everything works great, full power, etc. UNTIL I turn on the headlight. When I turn on the light, power to the motor cuts out within 30 seconds. The controller will still be on and the battery shows the correct charge level. At this point, I'll be pedaling manually and the headlight is on.

If I turn the headlight off, power to the motor resumes within a short amount of time.

Another odd thing that is probably related is that when the headlight is on, powering off the bike DOES NOT turn off the headlight. I am 99% sure that is not the way it used to work. I remember the light going off when the controller was turned off. Presently, the only way to turn off the light is to manually use its button before powering down the bike.

2. There is an odd clicking noise that comes from the hub when I stop pedaling (during pedal assist). The noise occurs a split-second after I stop applying pressure to the drive-train and lasts for maybe a second. If I continue to pedal (without much pressure to the drive-train), the clicking will last longer. The hub works fine otherwise. I tightened all the spokes and checked everything I could think of. I'm convinced this is a hub issue.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be most appreciative.



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Hi Doug,

I am a Surface 604 dealer and I had a customer with a Colt that had issue similar to your headlight problem. I ended up replacing the controller to fix it. About the clicking noise you mentioned, I see that in this forum there is a discussion talking about that problem and from what others have said, it sounds like the cassette freehub might be the cause. Before replacing the freehub I would check the tightness of the cassette lock down ring.



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Thanks, Jim. I still have the headlight problem, but the noises seem to have gone away.

Is a controller replacement easy for a user to do? Should I replace with the same controller or can I easily upgrade to something more feature-rich? Let me know if you have any suggestions for a plug-n-play upgrade.

Thanks again...