odd drive engagement switching sport to eco


Ref Como 4:
I ride in eco (assist mode) 95% of the time.
Each of the last few rides I've been in a spot where I change to sport mode to make a hill.
After making the hill I switch back to eco and continue on.
Immediately after changing back to eco the drive feels like it's off, like I have no assist.
You know, that minimal resistance you feel if the bike is switched off.
Peddling is easy enough just not being assisted.
It lasts about 5-10 seconds then eventually I feel like I'm using eco again as normal.
Most of the time I stop peddling, coast 20 feet, start peddling again, repeat until it becomes normal again.
If I'm not using it for a hill assist, just using it for speed assist on relatively flat ground, it doesn't do it.
It then goes from sport to eco , with a little transition, but hardly noticeable.
I'm curious if anyone has witnessed this.


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Probably normal. I experience the same thing. It may be related to the torque vs cadence sensors and how they affect assist.

I assume the bike’s computer has to recalculate assist when the three ratios are changed by lowering the assist levels. I would’ve a big surprise that a firmware upgrade changed this aspect of performance.