Official response from Bafang re. Motor spec.


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Theres been a lot of speculation and wild claims by certain sellers regarding the spec of Bafangs motors/controllers. This topic has been discussed both on this forum and other ebike forums.

Is there a 16 FET version or not?

Well yesterday i contacted Bafang for their comments on this claim. Below is their response, hopefully this will put an end to it all.

Dear xxx xxxx,
Thanks for your interesting to our products.

Bafang never have the Motor/Controller with 16 MosFets,our BBS02 is only with 9 MosFets 750W.

Best Regards

Beck Feng(冯华)

Suzhou Bafang Electric Motor Science-Technology Co., LTD.
No. 9 Heshun Rd, Suzhou Industrial Park, 215122, Suzhou China
Tel:+86 512 87171276 Fax:+86 512 87171277

Mp: 13862629656
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