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Rented ebikes (Rad Mini's) when visiting Catalan Island recently. Wife thought they were great and would get her back riding after a 20yr hiatus!! She's not much more than 5' and wanted something small and easy to handle and she loved the fat tire experience. After riding both road bikes and mtn bikes I decided a fat tire mtn bike style would fit me. I have a 25yr old Diamond Back Response Sport hard tail that I really like so I thought about converting it, but for now I've decided to buy a complete bike.

I settled on the Blackbird and am now waiting patiently for November and looking forward to reading the reviews from the the 1st and 2nd batch buyers. Hopefully we'll see some reports on here soon! For my wife, we really like the M2S All Terrain Scout, but the next batch is already spoken for and I don't think they'll be any available for quite some time as it didn't sound like there were any on the water or any in production when I spoke with them. After much looking around and reading here on the forums, we just ordered a Biktrix Stunner LT 20" with Thudbuster ST. While the bike is apparently in stock, the battery is a few weeks out. When it gets here I'll ride my DB with her and just try to keep up!!

Now for accessories and carriers!! She would like a woven type basket on the front, preferably with cup holder. The carrier I want is also back-ordered, go figure! I want to be able to install it in my 2" receiver on the truck, and the 1.25" on her car without issues.

Anyway, looking forward to continuing to learn from all you fine folk on this forum!!

BTW, is there an EBR sticker we could put on our bikes, reflective would be awesome. That way could say hi if we ever see you out on the roads and trails!!

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