Ohm/BionX Waranty


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Two years ago, shortly after purchasing an Ohm 750, the BionX motor failed. Since the Ohm dealer was located more than 200 miles away, I took the bike to an authorized BionX dealer for repair. The motor was replaced at no cost, and I was reimbursed for the labor costs by the Ohm dealer. There have been no problems since then. Both BionX and Ohm stand by their warranties.

Local trips to the grocery store entail at 400 foot climb in both directions, with a short stretch of 15% grade. Even weighing in at 220 lbs., these trips are no sweat (unless it's a really hot day). I have also taken rides in the back roads up to 65 miles with still enough battery power left to climb that nasty little grade to get back home.

The only disconcerting thing is that my spell check keeps changing "BionX" to "Bronx".

Ann M.

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That's great to hear Norman! How the dealer and manufacturer treat their owners is an important point to consider when you're plunking down the $$bucks for that new set of e-wheels.
You should post some pics and write a bit about those back road rides, they sound interesting; especially if one of them just happens to be you riding your BionX in the Bronx :D.


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That is excellent Norman! So happy to hear you have had a seamless experience with the warranty; BionX takes great pride in their customer service. I am talking to them every week about this or that, and having met the tech staff in person you really know they care.

Here's to many more years on your XS750! Lets see some pics! :)