older e-City over current motor cutout (Error 33)


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Appreciate finding a smartmotion-specific forum to post.
I wonder, having found the motor controller used in my Smartmotion ecity is made by Ananda, whether there is a forum for that range of controllers?

My issue has been Error 33 presenting and the motor cutting out if I use the throttle grip, or high PAS (pedal assist) modes.
The manual and this guide outline this Error 33 means over current, and to check connection between the controller and the motor.
I've done that and all look ok, well mated and no evidence of heating.
I have found that the battery receptacle/receiver has a damaged/loose pin, which is never good for high currents, but that this isn't necessarily going to cause the stated Error 33 if the faulty connection is in the supply side of the controller. I might be wrong though.

Does anyone have experience with Ananda controllers? I'm also interested in what looks like a UART pin out loom and whether I can adjust parameters). There is not much online under Ananda controllers - well about hacking repairing them any way. The controller model is 3618DLC. Keen to know if another common brand of bike uses these.

I've asked Smart Motion NZ for parts pricing and supply info, but half expecting not to hear back. I have found the Smartmotion AU parts page, but it doesn't list the male battery connection pins (housed in the controller/bikeside receiver).