Online rider training courses?


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Speaking of Sur Ron e-bikes. Locally, and sadly, an ebike fatality yesterday.

"A closer look at the bike, a Sur Ron electric bicycle, helped officers determine it was not built for highway use, according to Courtney. It was built as an off-highway bike meant for dirt tracks or smaller roads. Sumner Avenue is considered a highway due to a loose definition of the word. When the bike is classified as off-highway, it means it’s not built to be used on public roads."


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Interesting so the BC Provincial ebike regulations are being interpreted by the authorities to mean no throttle take off
That’s too bad, because some people with bad knees need a throttle takeoff. I certainly use them on when I’m faced uphill. It kind of seems that maybe they think starting with the throttle is some kind of zooming thing that lays rubber down on the road… Sounds like they don’t understand the capabilities of most E bikes.