Opinions on Bulls Cross Mover Speed?

Cassius Bright

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So I might have the change to pick one of these on relatively cheap, but I wanna know how people feel about them. In your guy's experience is there any particular issues with the model? Do you like it?


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I purchased two and so far so good. Great quality/craftsmanship and has all the bells and whistles. Would be perfect if the tires were a little wider. I highly recommend.


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I ride my 25 miles a day and I have over 5600 miles since late November. its been a great bike responsive and smooth. though the only upgrade it needed was a smaller front chainring. the 22t isa way to large I replaced it with a 18t and now the bike climbs like a goat and you can still peddle at 30mph. the brakes are fantastic strong on the bike. but I would not recommend changing out the display unless you really want it. its super hard to run the new wires through the bike as the tube is super small.