Opinions on the Espin Riene


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Hello Forum!

After reviewing about 40 bikes I've narrowed my selection to the Espin Riene.

The following are my needs:

- Commuting
- 32 miles round-trip
- 9 miles on flat canal trail (NJ side of the Delaware Canal, and yes it's awesome!)
- Final 5 miles on broad road with approximately 700 ft elevation over that distance.

My concerns:

- What is anyone's experience compared with the EBR review?
- is the battery really good for that distance?

Mike TowpathTraveler

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Not an Espin ower (Haibike Full FatSix, Yamaha PW drive, 400 and 500wh batteries), but I am a rider of the D&R Canal as well as the PA based D&L Canal. Just looking over the EBR review of this bike and I believe you will have absolutely no issues riding in the light gradient environment of the canal; as well as that short climb. You should be able to get that 32 miles from that battery in just the one charge.

There is an Espin thread on this site under the "Discussion by Brand and User Reviews" folder. Unfortunately, there is not much input from many Espin owners ongoing in that discussion thread at this time. What I like about this bike is having a mid-drive motor at that price point. Though truth be said, I've seen quite a few Haibike Yamaha driven commuter bikes hovering at that price point for this Espin. So the question I would have is my personal comfort level regards to service and support after the sale, on a relatively unknown drive system, versus one of the more mainstream manufactured commuter bikes with a known reputation.

Best of luck with your purchase and one day I might see you on the Canal!