Orbea Gain F40 Power Issues


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United Kingdom
Hi guys. I have an Orbea Gain F40 with the ebikemotion electric motor, and I wonder if any of you have one and perhaps know what’s wrong with mine.

It has 3 assist levels - low (green), medium (orange) and high assist (red). Recently it started only going up to the medium level, it doesn’t go to the highest assist (red) option anymore. Do any of you have the same bike, or one with the same ebikemotion / iwoc one system? I’d love to get some advise.

The retailer Pureelectric is refusing to service it even though its less than a year old from purchase, with the excuse that I am not the original owner - even though I have the receipt.



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Not sure about the problem, but I had a flashing purple light on my D31 and paid PE to do a software update. Was £20 even though I didn’t get it from them. It’s worth a try. It was the Norwich branch. Hope you get it sorted.