Orbea gain, is it possible to change the standard stem for a more angled stem


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i am 62 years old male….5’8” tall with 30 inch inside leg measurement
i had a short test ride on a new medium sized orbea gain d50 today at a store.
It felt that the position was putting pressure on my lower back so would be better if the handlebars were higher so I enquired about the possibility of replacing the current stem with an angled or shorter stem, I was told that orbea designed it that way because cables were intregrated etc…there maybe a possibility that a normal standard angled stem can be fitted, but may cause the cables to erode due to friction with the stem etc.
it seems that the handlebars are much lower than the saddle, I know that is a kind of aero position, but I find I prefer a slightly more upright position as I am getting older. I am surprised that there is a lack of flexibility of adjustment because it would be perfect for me, if I the stem was angled higher thus less pressure on my lower back.
Can I please ask, has anyone had this problem and how did you rectify it please.
thank you


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I wouldn't touch that unless it was out of warranty and it was mine.

Why don't you look at their mountain bike line?



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Thank you HarryS
i dont really want a mountain type ebike, maybe I should look at a gravel type ebike with a more relaxed geometry.
All these cables hidden in the internally grooved orbea stem look very nice and neat when covered, but there is no room for adjustment and if the orbea stem was removed and a standard angled stem fitted, it would eventually result in erosion of the cables.