Orbea gain, mudguards recommendations please


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ive just ordered a new orbea gain d50 and would like to put some suitable lightweight mudguards on it, can you recommend any, thanks


For the front light i use a :

Tidusky OLIGHT RN 800 Éclairage Vélo 800 lumens LED IPX6​

Main advantages : very bright (3 levels of brightness), sturdy build, it comes with 2 garmin support, it uses the garmin standard so i can put it on my garmin handle.

It also uses usb c and the autonomy is good enough for me.

When i bought it iwas 15 euros less than the current price.

For the read i use a Ebuyfire smarlight tail light, it has a gyroscope and act as a breaking light, come with two handles and also charges with usb c. Got it around 10-15 euro from a chinese shop.