Orbea Gain Range Data (w & w/o Battery Extender)

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This post is to provide real world data on the Orbea Gain’s range. Please add your ride data and follow the format below (cut and paste) to insure consistent and reliable data for others to use.

Model: M20i, 2019
Battery Extender: Yes
Ride Mode: level 2/orange for entire ride, stock motor settings

Weight: 158 lbs
Height: 5’8”
Skill Level: Fast Recreational Rider, former racer (35yrs ago)

Location: Foothills SE of Denver (Deer Creek, City View, High Drive, Parmalee Gulch)
Distance: 55.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 6,942’ (Ebikemotion app showed 8,722’)
Elevation Loss: 5,112’ (Ebikemotion app showed 8,721’)
Elapsed Riding Time: 2:53:57
Average Speed: slightly above 18.5 MPH (Ebikemotion app showed 20.13MPH)
Battery Remaining: 13% on bike, 0% on extender
Data Verification/Collection Method: Verified - mapped ride on Google maps, bicycle mode
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My experience is only on hills. On the flat is always on but with no assistance.
I am 66kg and the bike is the M10i. It's weight is 12,5 kg with bag, garmin, pump etc. Plus waterbottles.
Assistance Level 1 at 100% consumes 1% every ~2' minutes of climbing.

Assistance level 2 at 80% consumes 1% every ~1' of climbing.

Assistance level 3 at 100% consumes 2% every 1' of climbing.

It sounds not so promising, but if the rider goes with ~180 Watts plus the assistance level 3, you go so much faster that you can reach 1500 h/m on a 8% slope climb. The pros can climb so fast.
I have managed to make 70 km with ~1500 hm (to ski center) and go back home with 35% rest battery.
On flat or very small climbs no assistance (~250 hm).
The first part of the climb was 14km with 5% slope, 615 hm and made it in 44' with 22% battery consumption and assistance level 1 at 100%. I was riding on this climb with 18 km/h.! The KOM is 43'. I was 1' slower. My PR was 55'.

The second part of the climb was 8 km with 8,2% slope, 630 hm and made it in 23' with 44% battery and assistance level 3 at 100%.
I was ridding on this climb with 20km/h.! The KOM on this climb is 28':37". I was 5' faster. My PR was 40'.

On these climbs I was giving about 180watt of myself.
That gives to me the result, that the battery consumption is always the same as given above. How long I can ride, it depends on how fast I am riding with my power. If I live the bike to do all the job, then the time goes by and the battery also.


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Model: M20i, 2019, US version (20mph)
Battery Extender: No
Ride Mode: level 1/green for entire ride, stock motor settings.

Weight: 175 lbs
Height: 5'11"
Skill Level: Fast Recreational Rider, long time roadie.
Pedaling style: High-ish cadence, ~85 RPM

Location: Roswell, Georgia. Note that this area is hilly but not mountainous. Truly flat sections are relatively rare, but climbs are generally not longer than a quarter or half a mile. This route has sections as steep as 7 or 8%, but not for long, and some sections of rollers. On the downhill sections, the motor cuts out as you exceed 20MPH.
Distance: 22.8 miles, loop route.
Weather: 85 degrees F, humid, breezy to windy
Elevation Gain: 1509’
Average Speed: 16.5 mph
Battery Remaining: 68% (internal battery), started at 100%
Data Verification/Collection Method: Garmin w/ GPS