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I have done my due diligence about the Range Extender and have decided that it’s positives outweigh its negatives. My question is around the “fit” of the bottle unit on the bike. I have an Orbea Gain D-30. The bike has an XS frame. I am concerned about the fit when the bottle unit is mounted on the seat tube cage mounts. My question is will it interfere with the cage mounted on the down tube. I can’t find any specs on the dimensions of the unit on either Mahle’s or
Orbea’s websites, just info about wattage, etc.

I would appreciate information from those that own the extender.
  • You have it mounted on an XS frame and how it fit with downtube cage?
  • If you have bottle extender can you give me the dimensions of it and its cage so I can do a mock up and see if it fits.
The idea of losing one bottle so I can go farther is kind of counterintuitive, but to lose both would prevent me from purchasing the unit.

Thank you in advance.


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