Order is done...thanks to all who posts so much detail

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Welcome to the "club" @Shaun MacDonald :) I have a feeling you're about to become the coolest school principal on the Island! I have a friend who bought one recently and takes it to work at a University. All his colleagues are in awe and they all took turns to try it!

I agree with @AguassissiM with 26PSI. Your legs and battery will thank you for sure.

Don't hesitate to reach out anytime and for the assembly. You don't want to take chances on your safety if unsure about some steps. But you'll get a very detailed manual with clear pictures inside the box. And you probably saw my (long) videos on assembly which might help a bit too

Which model/color did you order?

PS It looks like you took the time to use my affiliate link to order, thank you! :):)
Bought the Red Limited - you mentioned to make sure I get the fenders. Will arrive on Wednesday. Beniot was great to deal with. Called me on a sunday afternoon. I had many correspondence with him by email. Bit more than the Voltbike but Beniot said it was worth it and from what I read from everyone on this thread that is true. I will certainly take you up on the assembly. Mechanical and me don't get along sometimes. Hoping there is not too much to put together.


Congratulations Shaun,

I've had mine for a few days now and it is a great bike. Today I rode 25 km with one nasty big hill, over a kilometer long and climbing about 300 feet. It was steep enough that I needed low gear and PAS on 9. There were 2 experienced cyclists on conventional bikes about 1/2 k ahead of me, so I left the PAS on 9 and caught up to them and passed them. Pretty good for a guy who weighs 323 pounds!... for now. That number will decrease from riding the bike over the next year. :)

I used that power setting most of the way home cruising along about 30 kph because I was in a hurry. I LOVE the 17 amp hour battery! I was expecting to use more battery charge, but about halfway home the level only went down to 4 from the full charge of 5. Everything about this bike is "as advertised". The upgraded parts and quality are really nice and the factory setup is good too. I'm very pleased with mine and I'm sure that you will be happy with yours too.
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Shaun MacDonald

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Nice choice! The minute you ride in water, mud, snow or even small pebbles, you'll be glad you got the fenders. Those really wide and knobby tires displace matter a LOT more than any regular bike tire. I remember going through water at good speed without any fenders; the front wheel actually propelled a stream of water straight up a few feet in the air! guess who drank dirty water a second later? :rolleyes::rolleyes: And the rear one is a life saver for the bike, your back and strangely enough, your bottom. I can home once without a fender once again and my butt was drenched, much worse than my back.

Assembly is easy and you will get a multi-tool gizmo that is enough to assemble the bike and tighten all screws around the bike (good thing to do for safety in case something left the factory not tight enough.

And before I forget, some screws must be left alone though, like the ones on the derailleur. The top 3 here are adjustment screws :)

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Thanks for the picture!