Ordering an ST1 - should I add City Kit?


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From what I have heard, I can get better lights and rack for much less money; however, I worry about the look and practicality. Fenders for example... when I bought after market fenders for a bicycle in the past, they never fit quite right, nor looked quite right. Also, the Stromer has big tires, so fitting a fender might be an issue.

What say you all?


What aftermarket lights are people putting on an ST1 and can they be wired into the ST1 battery system. I'm very interested in this.


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I also have the city kit with Supernova headlight. It's nice!
It's not the brightest headlamp, and taillamp is kind of bland, but I prefer the integrated and no-fuss factory setup.
Yet I understand that you can buy a lot of light and fender with the retail price of the City Kit.


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who will be supporting your bike? Do they have something that fits and they say will work? I carry 2 batteries , which seems to put a lot of stress on the system


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I got some nice fenders in REI for around $20 (they really are nice, although I only fitted the front one in the end, as the rack does a fairly good job on the back), and a super bright light set - rechargeable USB Cat Eye (Amazon), a fraction the price of the overprices Stromer kit........


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I hate the city kit, I think the bikes look so much better without. You don't even have the option on the ST2 I was forced to pay for it and throw it in the garage.

Not to say you won't like it but I like a really bright rear strobe over the rear light on the city kit.
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Is it really in the trash? I could use replacement parts. The light is bright enough to use and the rack wears w/my battery in a bag. Happy to purchase parts.

I like the rack and fenders on the bike, the original Stromer stuff seems over priced and has not been w/o issues. If the shop I bought my bike from had their own rack and light system and it was aST1 I would probably buy theirs instead