Our battery still amazing even after over a year and hundreds of recharging!


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My customer bought this battery last year, the battery still performs very good till now.
This is by Sanyo 35GA cells, 36V 17AH battery.
This cell model was required by this customer and then recommended to many others.
Sufficient capacity and long lasting life. Very good performance with all high reviews.
All REENTION brand cases can use this cell to build the battery.
If you're interested, may email me: susie@aijiupower.com



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The way you phrase this in English, "till now." Indicates is DID work until now.
Nope; Susie said "performs" - that is present tense. If she said "performed till now" that most often would carry the meaning that something changed. So it's correct, but because "till now" is most often used after a past-tense verb, it's not the best way to phrase it.
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