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Hello. Larry Cohen, 64 years old. 65 year old spousal unit. Just got and self installed 2 Electric Bike Outfitter Cruiser kits (36 V, 350 watts, 11Ah Samsung rack batteries) on our 2 Specialized Expedition Low entry bikes-below is the email and one of the pictures we sent to EBO. Great support for a non-bike mechanic doing the work.


Enclosed are some pictures of the install on our 2 bikes. 2 Cruiser kits with 11 Ah rack battery on 26 inch wheel Specialized Expedition Low-entry Bikes. I am NOT a competent bike mechanic. Nonetheless, from opening and unpacking to test drive and adjustments, the first bike took me 4 hours and the second took 2 hours without a work-stand or help). I expect to do the next 2 bikes in 3 hours total.

Your support and help individualizing the kit with the bike and customer were impressive. I noticed and appreciated your pre-programming of our controllers for us (wheel diameter, miles instead of kilometer, etc). Also your help choosing front vs rear hub motor and gear cluster choice. I feel like I could have called you with questions a dozen times during the install. Excellent service!

The packaging was very well done. Easy to unpack, nothing dirty or damaged. A big thing for a DYI job done at home.

As I explained, we are intending to use the motors to extend our range on bike tours, and for hills, not as a Moped without pedaling. We opted not to install the pedal assist system for this reason, and use the cruise control instead. It works very well! First trip out I indulged: 22 mile out and back, 1 mile 15% grade hill at start and finish, mostly flat otherwise. 18 mph, though with pedaling, had 1/3 battery left. We anticipate the battery lasting 50 miles as we intend using it.

No question about who we'll get the kits from for the 2 bikes we keep stored in Holland. You have already been a big help in planning how to ship the kits and store the batteries there, and we haven't even bought the next 2 yet. Your business model is even better than the product!



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