Outlet timer and delay?


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Y. O.
My original question was never about about over charging a battery or charging it to a certain %, not sure where anyone got that from. My original question was about finding a factory made device that could delaying a charger 2 hours to allow the battery to cool before charging it for 8 hours. Heat damages the battery so if I just went for a long run the battery will have some heat if I just threw it on the charger it would just continue to heat the battery and it will just reduce the life of the battery IE reduce the cycles. I was just looking for a way to let it cool first. LOL I think I this touched on a few soar spots for some members.
I concur
Every rechargeable battery I've ever owned for on demand devices such as tools always states to allow the battery to rest before charging. On my latest lawnmower the charger will not start if a warm battery is inserted into the charger... nor would my 30 year old makita NiCad.
I have all the time to do as I want and implementing such doesn't take me more than 15 seconds.
If you can't be bothered... that's fine, but saying it doesn't make a difference means you're speaking against established procedures followed by most manufacturers.
... and that goes for charging to 80% as well if it suits your needs.