Outrider Horizon 2 Series Video Review - Adaptive Recumbent Trike

Ann M.

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The Outrider Horizon 2 Series recumbent is a tadpole style trike with two wheels in front and a much larger 26" wheel in the back for improved stability. Behind the comfortable chair back seat is a custom rear platform style rack that can handle an incredible 80lbs of stuff making this both a practical machine for errands or exploring the outdoors. The Outrider team can do incredible customization to adapt a trike for each rider's special needs and that's a doorway to new freedom.

https://electricbikereview.com/outrid... The Outrider Horizon 2 Series is a highly customizable recumbent trike, hand cycle or adaptive platform with electric power in the form of a twist throttle, ships with 750 watt output and 20 mph top speed, unlocks up to 25 mph. Heavier, larger and more expensive than traditional two wheeled electric bicycles but comparatively cheaper and lighter than many adaptive Electronic Personal Assistive Mobility Devices. Offers full suspension, a custom vented foam seat with front, back, up and down adjustability, optional head rest, rear fender, LED tail whip light rod and a sway bar for stability, loops for side bolsters and seat belts. Can be difficult to transport given the 100+ lb weight and footprint, limited turning radius (may have to hop off and lift the rear wheel for sharp turns), produces a high pitched electronic whine when in use, battery pack not removable for charging separately or reducing weight.


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The horizon comes in several configurations, including one for quadriplegics. Obviously they cannot get off and lift the bike to turn it around, which is why the horizon, unlike other models, comes with a reverse gear.