Outside storage - cover recommendation

Is ok to store ebike outside covered?

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Thinking about getting the e-glide ST to compliment commute and carry it covered on a bike rack on my Jeep. Is it ok to store outside and is there any recommended bike covers to protect the bike from weather damage?

Al P

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It is OK as long as you remove the battery in cold weather. I store one of our bikes outside all summer with this cover:

It is everything they say it is. However, it is not recommended for traveling on your bike rack. The wind will eventually tear the material. Some folks have tied it around the rack so it doesn't flap around, but I haven't tried that. There may be a stronger cover available but it would cost much more than this one.


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I store my ebikes in the garage when home; but, I have traveled with my two fat tire Radrovers (last trip was to Grand Canyon/Sedona in Nov/16). I ended up getting the Dual bike cover from Formosa Covers for 1-2 bikes, Amazon, $46+16 shipping: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000WENDUS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

It completely encases the bikes, made for hwy speeds and harsh weather, large enough for two fat tire bikes, has plenty of straps to tighten down the cover, and has translucent panels near the front/back wheel for tail lights to shine through. I was able to put the cover over both bikes and the bike rack. Only the bike rack arm that attaches to the hitch was uncovered and there was string to secure that end. I can fold small enough into its carry bag to take up about the same space to fit inside a paper grocery bag with some room to spare.

I purchased the cover just in case we had a rain or snow on the +5 hr drive and cover the bikes at the hotel if we couldn't take them into the room at night (out of sight, out of mind thinking). No rain or snow the whole trip; but, used it every night to cover the bikes (and keep the morning frost off at the Canyon).

The downsides to this cover are:
- the translucent panels help; but, I still worried during the day if my brake lights were clearly visible in heavy traffic. Added AUX 4-way light that plug into my hitch wiring harness for added safety.
- no way to lock the cover to the bikes or hitch. might have to put a 20 foot long cable with lock to keep someone from taking it at night.

Probabily common to all travel covers along with one I have:
- covers license plate, back-up camera, back-up lights, and blocks rear view mirror visibility. Mostly used side view mirrors when driving with cover.
- might have to check local laws about driving with your license plate covered
- felt like I had a parachute on the back of my 11 MDX when driving with the cover at hwy speeds. Might feel different on another vehicle.