Outsider motor upgrade issues


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United Kingdom
Hi guys, I have a Michael Blast outsider ebike, I bought it in September 2020 and I am still enjoying using it. The only thing is that I had to change the motor, as a very bad noise was coming from it. I bought this bike with a conversion, controller 48v, battery 48v 14.5ah, but with 36v 350W bafang hub rear motor. But now I decided to upgrade the motor buying the 48v 500W one, thinking that it was going to be faster, or at least at the same speed (with 36v motor, speed using throttle was 45km/h), but unfortunately the max speed with this more powerful motor is only 35km/h.
I changed the speed limit to 50km, wheel size as well from the speedometer, but nothing has changed.. any thoughts on how to increase speed? Motor is bafang mg06 48v 500Wattt....thanks


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San Diego
Umm… Everyone wants faster and that includes me, but there’s a cost and your body isn’t worth it.
With that out of the way, get a controller with higher amps and that will fit all your connectors. Learn motor basics and learn whats viable in your motor config. Learn that most ratings are complete bull. Or don’t. Just don’t hurt yourself. Have fun!