Overfly XY Hummer


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Was interested in getting the Aventon Sinch but i saw this one thats very similar, has anyone had any experience with this particular bike? I believe with this the throttle can start from a dead stop unlike the Sinch but would need confirmation.


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Aventon is located in California.

Overfly is located in Zhejiang, China.

There is nothing wrong with getting a bike China direct, since you will save lots of money.
The link above is only one example, however I'm sure you can find different one for better deal.

Some EBR members have done it too, I believe Frey is in the same category, but you will get a bike for much cheaper.

I would just buy one from Alibaba, instead of paying more middle man fee for Amazon.
As you can see, you don't have to buy one from particular seller like Overfly.
Even if you get one from other seller, they all come from the same factory.

I usually shop on AliExpress for ebike parts, but if you want a whole bike, I found Alibaba is generally cheaper.


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I ordered this bike from Amazon. But I contacyed the seller directly and got it for 200$ cheaper. With that 200 I bought a rst suspension fork