Overhead Motorized Bike Storage - 125-lb. & 220-lb. Electric Hoist


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Garage Gator

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)



Factory Direct:

Garage Organization (online store):

Prices as low as $135.00 for the 125 lb. capacity model. Platforms are also available for those not wanting their bikes hanging from hooks. Now we have a place to store them, so we can buy even more ebikes:) These could also be used to service bikes, or lifted to lower onto a roof rack or pickup truck bed.


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I kind of like it, but after reading some of the more critical reviews on amazon, it appears to have some design bugs.

I use the $10 hoists for my light weight bikes and the e-bikes sit on my garage floor. I tried hooking my bike by the tires like the video, and they want to flop over, but that might not happen if hooked to a single bar.

There's one youtube video where a guy hangs his HO train layout in a 4x8 board from the ceiling with that lift. Very cool.

Chris Nolte

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I use the Garage gator in my shop and I've been pretty pleased with it. I installed it into a concrete ceiling 18' up so that was a little tricky, but it's been good to me