Overvoltage in the lights ?


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Wonder if anyone here has some idea what might be going on with my rearlight. The dealer is looking into it, but i'm curious as well.

I got a BMW eBike 2014 that has a dynamo driven light system. The front light feeds power to the rear light.

When i got the bike, the first rearlight lasted 3 days. The second one lasted 1 day. And the last one they gave me also lasted one day. All of them blew the capacitor inside the light. A very unpleasant smell.

The rearlight is the Spanninga Pixeo XDS (no settings, automatic) and the frontlight is a Busch & Müller Lumotec. This one i think http://www.bumm.de/produkte/e-bike-scheinwerfer/lumotec-lyt.html

Anyone ever tried something like this before ?