P-code listing for S700 ebike display with no headlight connector... any one have the correct guide for these codes...?


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late 2021 i had ordered an ebike front wheel drive conversion kit directly from a chinese supplier.
i got their name by visiting an ebike website and looked for the labelling on the motor housing.
the kit is great and i did manage to save a few hundred dollars by ordering direct.
however, my S700 display unit is the unit which does not have the additional headlight connector and wiring.
this S700 display unit also displays a different set of P-codes than what is discussed in the numerous .pdf user
manuals available on the internet. all the .pdf user manuals for the S700 that i have come across all have the same
P-code descriptions and its for the S700 model that also contains the headlight wiring and plug.
here is the P-code listing for my S700 unit which has no headlight wiring:

P01 - backlight, 1,2,3 - functioning
P02 - Km or Miles - functioning
P03 - 0 to 60 ?
P04 - 0 or 1 ?
P05 - 0 or 1 ?
P06 - 0 to 55 ? i have set it to 55
P07 - 20 to 35 ? i have set it to 35
P08 - wheel size - functioning, mine set to 26.0
P09 - 1 to 255 ?
P10 - 0 or 1 ?
P11 - 0 to 5 ?
P12 - 1, 2, 3 - functioning, this is used to set how many levels of PAS (3, 5, or 9 levels respectively, mine is set to 1 which is 3 levels)
P13 - 3 to 60 ?
P14 - 0 or 1 ?
P15 - 1 to 3 ?
P16 - 1 to 15 ?
P17 - 0 to 2 ?
P18 - 0 to 5 ?
P19 - 0 to 255 ?
P20 - 0 or 1 ?
P21 - 36 or 48 functioning, i believe its voltage setting and mine is set to 48
P22 - 1 to 255 ?
P23 - this is the reset code, and it works: when up arrow held down 5 secs, 5555 is displayed and P-codes are reset

i have finished installing all electronics, wiring and the front wheel. today, i tested it and the throttle works, but the pedal assist is not working.
i will do more testing and p-code deciphering, but if any one out there has encountered the same p-code listing, please let me know what
they mean and what values you have used.

my initial results show that at full throttle (and bike is on a bike stand), the display is showing 50kph. but i find that hard to believe.
once it get it out on the road, i have a feeling it will show an actual speed of say 30 or 35kph. my electric unicycle does 50kph, i find it hard
to believe my ebike will do the same....

thank you in advance for your invaluable help !