Pace 500 - Assembly comments and first impressions


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Received my Pace500 (not step thru frame.. size "L") 10 days ago.. Here are some comments:

Packaging: The shipping box had one big tear in the side, but, didn't affect anything. Overall, packaged very well and well protected.

Assembly: Aventon needs to update the installation manual they ship with the product. It was really out of date! My rear tire was already installed, so that saved some time. Stem adjustments and the headset took a little detective work to figure out - thank goodness I am familiar with working on bikes. Mine came with bolts for the front axle (vs quick release that I guess some folks received). Brake rotors were nice and true, although the rear brake squeaks a bit. (Maybe that will get better over time as the pads "seat" into the rotors?) The rear derailleur was not adjusted well. I ordered a rear rack from Aventon - which did not come with installation instructions... and the website video wasn't very good. It didn't fit all that well, but, I figured it out and made it work. The battery was charged to 75% or so.

Appearance: Beautiful.. simple.. black on black on black!

Frame size: I definitely ordered the right frame size (I'm a big and tall guy).

First ride: What a blast! Everything (save the rear derailleur being out of adjustment ) worked well. The seat is very comfortable, and, with the stem adjusted for maximum height, so are the handlebars. Motor is very powerful. Every time I ride it, it puts a big smile on my face! (yes.. for those who are wondering.. this IS my first e-bike!). I know a lot of folks complain about the bike being too powerful when starting out on PAS level 1..but.. I got used to this in the first 10 mins of riding! If it got too fast.. I just stopped pedaling or tapped the brakes - was quickly second nature.

Noise/sound: Remarkably quiet! I thought the motor would be louder than it is.

I'm looking forward to many fun miles in the near future!