Pace 500 handlebars


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Has anyone replaced their Pace 500 handlebars for a flatter mtb sort of bar?

Aventon Sinch or Level bars would probably work better than the mustache bar it came with.

It's a 31.8mm bar from what I know.


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Hi redo and welcome to EBR, nice to have you. I have the 500 and the swept back handlebars which allows you to ride in an upright position, which for me is very comfortable. Like you said, the Sinch or Level might be a better choice if your looking for an aggressive ride. If I had a choose between the 500 and Level, then $200. more, go for the Level. Bigger battery, better tires, rear rack and fenders, a front suspension fork and the flatter handlebars. It’s a no brainer. Good luck and ride safe.


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I already have a Pace 500 and have had for a while. I was asking if anyone had swapped to flatter MTB bars (which will certaintly suit me better), and if so, pass along the info and source.

Barry L

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I've had the Salsa Bend Bar for a few weeks now, and coupled it w/ an aftermarket stem (Ritchey 75mm). I like the bike either way, but the new setup has been a big improvement in handling when I head off-road and descend twisty downhills.