Pace 500 seat post size


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I just ordered a Pace 500 and have been digging through the forum. I see several people recommending a SR Suntour NCX suspension post. Aventon sells these on their site, but they sell the 27.2mm and say that you need a shim for the Pace 500. They do not say what size is needed for it. What size is it?


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Have you looked at the Redshift Sports Suspension Post? I received mine about a week ago and it has been a god-send for my Pace 500. The rider weight is adjustable and it really smooths out the ride even with the standard Velo seat. I set mine to the value they recommended for my weight and it did not require further adjustments. The small to medium bumps disappear and the large jolts are greatly minimized.

I highly recommend it for its good looks and how it functions.