Pacer GT

Arizona Adam

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Anyone experience the Pacer Display not working. Battery is fully charged. When I try and activate the Display, it does not want to stay on. Comes on for a second, then shuts off


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This ebikes are quite rare in the Us. I do like them and had tested this model.
Try checking the battery contacts on the frame and in the battery; sometimes they get misalignet or a bit outward and therefore it results in a lost connection and no display. But you do get 1sec of display, could be that a cell in the baytery pack is bad.
May need to open the oack and disco/reconect the BMS. But that will void the warranty if it has a void sticker on the battery pack.

Ravi Kempaiah

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The US distributor has not been in business. You are better off contacting the New Zealand store as Smart Motion started off in NZ as postal delivery vehicle.