Panasonic Drive Motor Pully


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I bought a Easy Motion OffRoad 650 electric bike from Pete's Electric Bikes in Boulder Colorado two years ago. The little 9 tooth wheel that powers the chain has a habit of wearing down and causing the chain double on itself under a heavy load. I got a replacement from Pete's last year while they were still answering the phone. Now, alas, they are out of business and I can't find a source for a new wheel. Easy Motion says "sorry we didn't import that model and we don't have spare parts for it". The part is from Panasonic but their web site doesn't even acknowledge that they make an electric bike motor. Anybody out there in a similar situation? Anybody figured it out?
Beware of gray market bikes.

Paul E.

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You could try posting a picture and dimensions of it on and ask if anyone knows where to get a compatible sprocket. They're tinkering with that kind of stuff all the time.