Panasonic XM-D2


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Update: Good, Bad, and Ugly about XM-D2

Good: Battery and Controller compatible with XM-1.
Good: All parts seem to be very high quality, and the paint job is very nice.
Good: Tires are fat enough that in the city you can easily go up and down stairs, etc.
Good: The suspension is really nice!
Good: The internal electric shifting is awesome.
Good: Built in light is a nice feature, even if you might want to use an add-on line at night. At least this way you can never be without light.

Interesting: You are only supposed to shift (manual shifting) when not pedaling with this model apparently. If you shift while pedaling, the gear will not actually shift until you pause pedaling. Not really sure what exactly is different with the derailer compared with the XM-1, as they look similar.

Bad: Tires are too fat to actually park it anywhere. Almost all parking places will support at most 2.2 inch tires.
Bad: No Kick-stand. Parking places without the tire stands require a kick stand.
As a result, it is very difficult to find a place to actually park it. I am considering changing the front tire to a skinnier one just for that reason. It's silly and stupid, but unless you are *only* going to use it on the trails, it just isn't workable. I ordered an "Upstand" - we'll see if it fits - if not, I may need to customize it. For now, I have this silly telescoping thing that attaches to the frame with a velcro strap.

Bad: The brakes are *really* strong. I saw something out of the corner of my eye and squeezed both brakes. Next thing I knew, I was flying like a missile through the air while my bike did a summersault! Amazingly there is not a scratch on me or the bike, except that the center display is cracked. My cycle computer took the brunt of the damage. Now I am careful to start with the rear brakes first!

Bad: There is almost no place for a bottle or bike bag. The XM-1 was small enough inside, but the XM-D2 is even smaller, owing to the rear suspension. Given that there is no rack or anything, this is a bit annoying if you want to carry stuff. I usually use a backpack, but I like to have a small bike bag to keep a spare tire, some fix-a-flat, and an allen wrench set.


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Update: Since lack of kick-stand has been a major inconvenience when using the bike around town and normal bolt-on types did not work, I had to do a lot of research and finally found one that does work well: The Luna Peg Leg. If anyone else has a similar issue, I can recommend it. I will post photos when I have a chance.


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Designed in conjunction with Bernard Hinault (5 times TDF winner) E road bikes getting seal of approval?