Pannier bags for e3 Dash?


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Hey everyone,

I'm new to the community, but I've been in lurker mode for a while. I'm a pretty recent owner of an iZip e3 Dash. I'm loving it!

For Christmas, I was happy that I got some Ortlieb pannier bags. But unfortunately they do not fit the Dash's city kit rack :( I'm so bummed. So I'm on the market for new pannier bags. Does anybody have any recommendations?



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Hey Ravi,

The rack of the E3 Dash is too big. The adapters make the clip smaller, which is the opposite of what I want to do : (



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Great bike Jose. I have Racktime doubleit XL panniers on my St2 and love em. Took some adjusting, but mine fit great now. is where I found mine. Lots of other bags on their site. They are real helpfull over the phone, and ship globally.

Cameron Newland

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If I were you, I'd consider changing your rack as opposed to changing the bags. The Ortlieb bags that others have mentioned will last a lifetime, and they're waterproof to boot. IMHO, any rack that won't fit them doesn't truly qualify as a cargo rack., as the Ortlieb bags are absolutely the industry standard, since consumers have such a strong preference for them.

I recommend the Bontrager Backrack Deluxe (Small):

It fits the Ortlieb bags and allows you to mount a trunk bag on top of the rear rack and has a second set of horizontal rails so that you can mount the Ortlieb bag on the lower rail so as to keep the center of gravity lower – rear racks with just one top rail can't often have a trunk bag and pannier bags mounted simultaneously. I've had it on my Dash for quite a while now and it's quite sturdy and has all the standard mounts for taillights, too.

Enjoy the bike, and I hope everything works out okay!
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