Panniers for City Kit (Racktime)?


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I'm a little disappointed in the City Kit. I'm having a hard time finding panniers or bags that will work with this rear rack. Apparently the Racktime accessories will work with it, but when I try to find them for sale online, they are all discontinued!?!?

What has everyone else done? Am I destined to replace the rack? I like how it mounts, and would prefer to keep it if possible.

Ken W

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I also use an Ortleib (City Roller). You will need to add the included insert in the two latch system as the City Kit rack has a smaller diameter rail.

Here is how the inserts and bag attaches to the rail.

Other brands may work but you should make sure there is enough adjustment to fit the City Kit rail system.


They bags have a hook on the bottom you can get to hold on the frame. But they can also slide loose as well if you hit a bump or something similar. You can certainly try and use the panniers without the loops and pick them up latter if you want them. That is what I did.