Panniers for commuting


I am wondering what you experience with different panniers is - I started riding with my trusted ortlieb back rollers


while extremely capable in terms of load and water resistance - I always wished for a proper office / commuter bag. Picked up a bontrager town briefcase yesterday and after 22miles it's a "so far so good"


wallet, keys ... small s*it is much faster accessible and it's easy to swing around the shoulder when I decide to ride the train

the bontrager fits my laptop, change of clothes and random office stuff - but I don't think there is enough room to carry dress shoes for example


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I just bought an Arkel commuter urban pannier for the same purpose, but am sending it back b/c there is nowhere to fit the bungee on my Stromer ST2. I'm thinking of an Ortlieb with the QL3 mounting system, but not too sure about it yet as the rack only has one stay to the frame.

Richard Spensley

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I use a pair of Altura Dryline 32 panniers ( ) which are great except for the fact that they only just fit onto the standard turbo rack and lock in place only on one side. This is due to the double thickness of tubing towards the rear of the rack. They needed quite a bit of adjustment to get them to fit on. I could not fit them on further forward on the rack as my heels caught on them. Since adjusting them they seem to work out OK and they have not jumped off, even going over some serious bumps. I've used them in the full wet and they were definitely very waterproof. So all in all, I'm very pleased with them. Just wish that the standard rack was a little more accommodating for this type of locking pannier.

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I am using Ortlieb Urban bag (unfortunately accidentally ordered the Medium before I figured out there was also a large version) with Ortlieb laptop sleeve for my iPad or MacBook and periperals on one side, has the QL3 quick disconnect. For clothes and food on the other side I use the Ortlieb Vario (converts to backpack although the installation of the straps is a bit fussy, this also has the QL3 quick detach mount which makes up for the fussiness of the strap installation IMHO).

I installed a Tubus Cosmo stainless steel rack, and use the Ortlieb rack pack (which also has a quick detach mechanism) for tools, charger and spares.

I love all of the stuff but I am NOT running fenders. I was trying to use SKS Chromoplastic Longboards but they don't fit due to the oversized tire profile (tires say 45 but are 50mm wide, see my other post).

I can post pics if interest exists.

Only drawback is rack pack blocks the tail light which is on the back of the saddle.