Part II... Still deciding on buying a trike for winter, with a second model in mind


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Hi, just posted a question regarding trikes for winter, and it seems turning with two wheels in the back one in the front is quite a challenge, so I might forget those types of models, however I did find this higher-tech trike that compensates by tilting sideways while turning, and has the two wheels in front, one wheel in the back.

The manufacturer can "mod" this trike by pimping wattage to 500W and 32km top speed, and he could modify the tires to wider, 2.5 inch for all three tires. I would most likely bring in steel studded tires as recommended.

Here it is:
so again it has a slanting body to compensate in turns. Video shows that they are pretty comfortable in turns but who knows.

One cool feature is that there is individual suspension on each three wheels (the front wheels share one hydraulic but they individually react to the ground). It is rear traction however (not as good in winter).

Sorry for repeating this bit: I'm looking for a winter trike fat bike (or hybrid between city and fat bike) to do small commutes between home and work (3km to go, 3km to get back), I'm based in Montreal, we can have a lot of snow and cold weather (minus 10C on average in winter, sometimes colder but I think I will go for cabs subway and car when it gets to minus 15 or minus 20) It needs to meet the max power allowed on bike paths in Canada: 500w, 32km top speed. Needs to be heavily weather resistant.

Most trails I will ride on are in the city and fairly cleaned by city trucks, and I don't think I would take the bike out right after two feet of snow have fallen. There is an abundance of ice patches however as we are unfortunately getting more and more defrost/refrost episodes with climate change.

Would this work better than a typical trike? What do you think?? I want to get a trike because I find two wheels on snow and ice is so tricky... I don't want to put myself at too much risk just to commute to work.

Thank you for your insight!