Pas or not to pas, that is my question...


Hi guys, just discovered this forum after having an ebike for a couple of years. Two years ago, I converted a couple of pedal bikes with Voilamart front hub motors. The way I understood the rather vague directions, the pas was a European requirement and not used in the states...
I am getting ready switch the kit over to a new bike, and am wondering if there is any advantage to installing the pas...
We only do casual riding around Kent Island which is flat, and will be not riding off-road.


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If you have the parts, try it. I'll be pretty surprised if you think it's a waste of time....


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It depends on how the PAS works. Some of them work very poorly if you want to have a pedaling experience. I've owned a few controllers where PAS1 was just like PAS 5. They took me to full speed w/o any pedal effort, I had to junk them, and use KT controllers.

I have heard the Voilamarts have bad PAS control. You might not be missing anything.


Am I right in assuming that Voilamart is a Bafang product? Ours seem to work really well, lots of power, but I have never ridden another ebike. Mine can do 32mph, but even being an old biker, that can be kinda scary! Around the island I live on, the roads and paved paths are basically flat. Perfect for me, recovering from my second major back surgery.


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You will like controlling the motor speed 'with your feet' using various pedaling cadence.