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How do i install this? I have watched multiple youtube videos but they must be different because they say that i need to unscrew something, place the metal sensor down, rescrew something and then place he magnetic bit.. I dont have anything to screw onto the sensor part. Ive included photos to see what im working with


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The plastic disk is a friction fit on the square crank shaft. There might be some bottiom brackets where the cup has a flange that might hold the sensor ring, but I think these are rare. . Most people just make a home made bracket for the sensor. Take the sensor out of the ring, and use its mounting hole to secure to a suitable point on your frame.

There's a recent thread on endless sphere where users posted some pics. You'll get the idea really quock.

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You can mount the sensor ring to the face of the bottom bracket shell with Gorilla Glue. Don't use too much (that stuff expands like crazy), hold it tight for a couple minutes, then leave it alone over night. The next day you can put the disk on and install the crankarm. Later if you need to remove it, it will peel away with some effort, but it won't rattle loose on its own.