Pausing M600 City Commuter till early Q4 2020 - Please read.


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This is a fairly big announcement and please read.

We have had good initial success with the City Commuter pre-launch. Unfortunately we have to pause selling it for a few months to work on 2 core fronts

1. Motor noise.
Our goal was to work with the manufacturer to reduce the motor noise for m600. We believed that we had a solution, and I wanted this to be a surprise for all the customers.
However, the timing for that solution has been pushed out due to unforeseen technical / testing reasons.

2. Controller
Another surprise I had planned for was getting the updated Archon controller for the m600 (CAN protocol). Due to component shortages, we are way behind on that production as well. We have the prototypes for that controller and it works quite well. However production and scaling wont be possible before Q4.

I have already spoken to the customers who have bought the bike - given them a full refund + a coupon for discount when we re-release it. They were gracious through the process, and even though they are as disappointed as I am, they understand that WW stands for quality bikes and believe that we will do everything we can to maintain it.

I deeply apologize for this. I don't take it lightly and I am disappointed that we have to temporarily pause the City Commuter.

This is not a happy announcement but I like to be transparent about this. Quality and Customer Service are our primary focus, and we will do everything we can to get an amazing bike out as soon as we are able to address both these issues effectively.
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If you can put the PEEK plastic gear into it and add an Archon style controller, the M600 will be a great system to power just about any Ebike.


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I was really surprised to see you offering this motor given the noise issues. I was beginning to think it was just excessively loud on the carbon fiber frame of the Luna X1 as that was my only experience with the steel reduction gear. I honestly do not know how people tolerate this motor without noise mitigation unless they are half deaf lol. Good to see you work out some of the issues with the motor and controller and looking forward to being a repeat archon X1 customer when the m600 controller is available.


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On both the WW and consumer end, it's the right decision. WW would have less complaints to deal with the said issues. Consumers would get a much better product, resulting in more happy customers. 👍