Pedal Assist VS All Electric?

Tino Ferrulli

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I recently bought my wife a Stromer ST1. She feels that the Electra Townie would have been a better choice, since you do not have to pedal it. How does one convince his wife that she has a better bike and a better set up with the Stromer? Any ideas?


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I'm a female, and you are gonna lose this one she wants a cruiser, and you set her up with a mountain bike. Best thing to do is ask that she tries it out for a few weeks, and if she still doesn't like it, that it can be switched.

Didn't look to see if the town is has a throttle...if it doesn't, then she might like Pedego.

Good luck.


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Sorry..wanted to add a bit more but had to go.

The trick is to get her on the Stromer long enough to get used to it. If she then says she is ready for that cruiser, then happily take her cruiser testing. If you are lucky, she'll realize how much better the Stromer is at that point. If she loves the cruiser, then you are stuck and will have to trade "down".


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Get a full spring saddle and cruiser wrap handlebars put them on the Stromer -adjust to fit.

Townie does not have throttle.. so you would still need to pedal it. That being said, you can pedal lightly and still go uphill rapidly without a ton of effort. I loved the townie when I tried it out for it's relaxed ride, easy handling(step-thru) & operation(hardly noticeable) and it's very appealing look(IMHO). Find out what about the bike it is she doesn't like and see if you can address it like beast775 said. Don't forget to agree with her and say your sorry.:D Sometimes it's about what fits the user best.

Maybe get her to write a pro and con list of things she would like in a bike. Of course the Stromer is a way better bike, probably last longer in years without breaking, has better brakes, goes further on a single battery charge, goes faster. The Stromer will probably have less issues when it comes to wear and tear as opposed to a mid drive... etc etc etc... And.. make sure if you bike with her she ends up going faster than you. hehehe. Happy biking.