Pedal assist VS Throttle?

Eric J

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Thoughts from people with Ebikes.... Would you recomend pedal assist or throttle? Or would you recommend a ebike with both?

Most any bike with throttle will also have pedal so Both.

Numerous bikes will have throttle over-ride meaning regardless of your assist level chosen, torque or cadence sensor, you can hit the throttle for more.

The best I've ridden is the Pedego Ridge Rider. Going up a steep grade if I am in maximum cadence assist or maximum torque assist, if I'm going under 20 mph, the throttle will still give me more. But the Ridge Rider has a very strong 500 watt engine - like night and day compared to my very capable Raleigh Detour that also has throttle assist.
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I vote both. I mostly use pedal assist riding on roads and park trails, but when riding on rail trails, since they are mostly level grade, I sometimes turn off the pedal assist and just use throttle to get up to speed and get through intersections faster. So, its nice having both options.


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i also vote both
throttle is a great option to have, i use it in sharp, technical turns where pas can surge forward when you dont need it

use it for loading up and down ramps

to me there are way too many reasons to have it vs not

my 2016 easy motion street has throttle but you have to scroll down through the pas and turn it off to get throttle, this is a hassle and you do not have any kind of throttle override with it
but it is a great bike other than this

my vote is for throttle with override that will overtake pas anytime you want it to


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I only have a throttle on my Prodeco tech Phantom X and I wish I had pedal assist sometimes. Both would be nice.


i totally disagree with that wren

Cool! That's what makes it a forum! Perhaps "toy" was too strong of a word. Look at the quality systems from Bosch, for example, with pedal assist that give your legs that "Superman" feeling.
I guess I would try to say in short: I think pedal assist is what electric bicycles are about; smooth increase to the rider's own pedaling. The throttle is more like an electric scooter feeling.
Just my opinion.


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i agree , that is what makes it a forum

my opinion is different, i think there is a time and a place for throttle and like having that option

wish this was more of a plug and play option so those of us who want it could get it on every bike
and those that do not or think it is less bike like can not buy that option/unplug it and take it off the bike

really like what the cross current is doing there with the plug and play stuff

there are several reasons i like having throttle, dont use it a lot but do use it some

i ride a lot at night after work by myself, it is nice to have throttle to get away from a bad situation if something like that occurred

use it to load up the steep ramp to my house

for crossing busy intersections quickly
and in areas where slow steady power is more desirable than pedalling and getting a burst of speed

i do realize that haibike etc have excellent pas systems and maybe do not surge forward as much in level 1


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something else to think about is that every ebike is not bosch mid drive

not all of us want that or can afford it

so this super smooth pas you guys keep referencing may not be available on the bike someone needs for other options etc