Pedaling the Blade without assist?


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I'm considering a Blade and would like to know if any owners have feedback on how riding the bike feels without assist.

I currently have a Smartmotion Catalyst, which is a reasonably light hub drive, and one thing I really like about it is that it rides very similar to a regular bike with the assist off. I like to take 50 mile rides often and usually ride the first half without any assist for a workout, and then turn on the boost to chill out and fly home. I also like the reassurance that, if my battery were to die, pedaling home with no power wouldnt be a huge problem.

I'd like to know how mid drives pedal without assist, specifically something as beefy as the Blade, any owner comments?

E-Bike Joe

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Its hard to say exactly. Its like peddling a heavy bicycle. There is no drive train resistance to speak of. Feels like a heavy bicycle.