Pedego BMS Wiring Question


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Hi Everyone!

I bought a replacement BMS from you for my Pedego 36V 10A pack to replace a defective OEM (I think it was a Bestway) BMS.

Once I installed it the bike operated again and ran as expected (the battery pack was already at full charge). Once I went to recharge, the pack would not trigger the charger and eventually the pack went flat.

I have checked my wiring and I may have assumed the leads for the ON/OFF switch were not correct, but I am not sure that my wiring was correct from the start. I originally attached the leads CIRCLE IN RED to the ON / OFF switch. The red circled leads were the ones I attached to the ON / OFF. Maybe I was totally wrong?

I also included what I think is the schematic for this BMS.

Can you tell me if you are aware of what I may have missed or mistaken? I would REALLY appreciate any help before I toss the perfectly good pack.

Thanks SO much.

Ralph Massetti.


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