Pedego Electric Bikes Story

Don DiCostanzo

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Pedego is not just a company that offers cool electric bikes, Pedego is company that provides our customers a source of fun like no other. While there are plenty of things that folks can do for fun on occasion, a Pedego is something that you can do almost every day (weather permitting).

Our laser focus on creating high quality, innovative and fun electric bikes combined with our aggressive marketing efforts has earned us the title of being the most recognized electric bicycle company in the world.

Energy, attitude and a culture that empowers everyone in the organization to do “whatever it takes” with customers has helped us achieve 100% customer satisfaction among all Pedego Owners. This achievement has made our success all that more rewarding.

We are very proud of our growing world-wide chain of retailers from Auckland to London and from Sarasota to Anchorage. Without them, Pedego would not exist. Having Pedegos available locally for rent, for touring and for sale are critical to our business model. We concentrate our marketing efforts in driving prospective consumers to our growing base of dealers. Our support efforts for dealers make them the most successful among all types of bicycle dealers. They are also very skilled at repair and maintenance should your Pedego need service.

While the big bike companies struggle to build and sell electric bikes , we are thriving. We are reinventing the entire bicycle category. Our company mission is to develop, build and distribute fun products but with a goal of being certain that EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER loves their Pedego.

We are at just the starting line. As a young company, we are always open to new ideas. New products are constantly being developed and evaluated. There are lots of emerging technologies that will help make our products even better as we continue our expansion with more dealers, more products and most importantly, more customer fans.

There are lots of reason to get a Pedego. You can save money on gas, get some exercise, contribute to a cleaner environment, help to reduce dependence on foreign oil, lose weight and get fit. These are all legitimate motives but the best reason is, plain and simple, to have fun!

Our complete 2014 Catalog can be found at IMG_0443 Small.jpg


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Great overview Don! The support you guys offer and the attention to detail (constantly shipping updates and improvements) is what convinced me to buy a City Commuter and it performed even better than expected. Definitely one of the best ebikes I've owned and I also appreciate the support your network of shops offer. Keep up the great work :)


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I test drove the 2014 Pedego Interceptor a couple of days ago. My first ebike ride. I goosed the throttle and was startled by the acceleration. I had to hang on, because this bike can really get up and go. The pedal assist was fun too. You just sort of act like you are pedaling and the bike just takes over. It was unlike any other bike riding experience! If you've been thinking about taking a test drive, don't be shy! ....Seek out a local dealer and check them out.

Simple Simon

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Hi folks

I bought my first Pedego, a bright orange Beach Cruiser, about 6 weeks ago, but perhaps a little background might be in order...

I'm in my late 50s. I've had a prosthetic right leg since I was 16 and have developed arthritis in my "good" leg (probably largely due to years of abuse) over the last few years, as well as in my arms and wrists. I used to ride an ordinary bike a lot up until a few years ago, but I found it was getting more and more of a strain on my leg and wrist (not to mention my butt) and stopped being enjoyable for me. But I've missed it, as I'm quite limited in the forms of exercise I can manage, and cycling used to give me a certain degree of physical freedom.

So a couple of years ago I found myself looking into electric bikes, mostly on online auction sites, and reading up about them a bit. They all seemed pretty expensive for what they were, and I though it might be best to wait until prices started coming down. And then I saw IT!

A bright orange bike??? No way. I'm generally pretty low key. If I had an electric bike, I thought, I wouldn't want it to stand out. I wouldn't want to be noticed. I'd just want to quietly and effortlessly zip around the place without being noticed (I live in a fairly small town, you understand).

But I couldn't resist it. I read all the reviews and emailed the sellers with a whole lot of questions and eventually just had to click the "buy now" button.

And I am so happy I did! (even if I have already attracted far more attention from the locals than I would have liked). The thing is a pleasure to ride. It's comfortable (and that's the number one thing for me). It's relaxing (except the time I tried taking it off-road). It's plenty fast enough to be safe (even though I can't help but sometimes wish it was just a wee bit faster). And it's fun.. it really is. And I can feel myself getting fit and losing weight.

It's not "perfect", of course. All in life is compromise, and the Cruiser probably sacrifices a few points of practicality, efficiency and handling to its priorities of styling and cost - details of which are beyond the scope of this post - but not withstanding the room for improvement, I would have to put this down as one the best purchases I ever made.