Pedego Element Rear Wheel Seizure


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I have a new Pedego Element with 110 miles on it. I was riding it on asphalt surface in level 2 and pedaling it faster than the level 2 assist at approximately 15 to 17 mph. I stopped pedaling and immediately heard a clicking noise from the rear wheel area and the wheel locked up, throwing the bike into a rear wheel skid that I was unable to recover from. From years of motocross I instinctively separated from the bike so not to land under it or on it. Bike went left and I went right, sustaining severe road rash abrasions but no broken bones and destroyed an expensive bluetooth helmet. Following the crash, a friend was able to ride the bike back home. Called Pedego Tech Support to report the problem and they told me this is the first report of a rear wheel seizure as described. Anyone else experienced this problem with a Pedego e-bike?