Pedego Pedal Assist


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Pedego replaced my 2014 City Commuter,(5,000 miles) with a 2019 model because of a cracked frame. The new model's pedal assist is different in that it cuts out power when you hit certain speeds in each level. The 2014 model had even power and did not cut out. This new PAS is terrible and makes for a terrible riding experience. The dealer told me this is how the bikes always performed. I let him drive my other 2014 Interceptor , at which time he admitted that the 2014 had continuous power. He told me the controller perimeters were different and that the new controller was a better system. Can someone verify that newer Pedegos have a differ controller than the 2014 model. Or did they give me a lemon.


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If I recall, and I'm no expert, the older controllers maxed out at a higher speed (25 mph I believe) and the newer ones max out at 20 mph MAX. Also, the pedal sensor had a different, less refined system on older models. I don't recall what year the systems were switched over for the production run. I rode an older, first gen Stretch and it hauled butt on top speed but the torque intervention when starting or coming back on the pedals after coasting felt "crude" compared to a newer Stretch.