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I received this email from Pedego a couple of days ago:

Petition to Allow Electric Bikes for the Aging & Disabled in Our National Parks
The disabled and the aging have found a way to enjoy the National Parks safely. Please don't take this away! Electric bikes are an environmentally sound way for people who are disabled or have aching joints to enjoy the great beauty of this nation independently.

Electric bikes are quiet and energy efficient. The nation's national parks belong to all its citizens, not just the healthy, not just the mobile. The disabled and the aging citizens should not be discriminated against and have to jump through hoops that others don't have to just to enjoy their rights to free access to public places like OUR national parks.

Please show your support by sharing and signing the petition to allow electric bikes for the aging and disabled in our national parks.

If you click on "Sign This Petition", it takes you to the website via this link:

I'm curious if anyone else received this from Pedego. It appears to be a legitimate petition for a worthwhile cause but they do ask for a donation.


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ADA accessibility is a huge problem here in the U.S.. It's not just access to National Parks, which every tax paying citizen should have reasonable access to, but lodging (especially) is all but non existent suitable for an ability challenged person to secure. Although the lodging place says they have an ADA room quite often that just means a hand bar by the toilet...

Being in a chair especially has it's own set of issues and dependent on the extent of your injury/disease/etc.. Just about any door threshold is an obstacle and many need extra items such as a bath chair and Hoyer lift for transfers that are big and bulky and hard to travel with. But he does have an e attachment for his chair that would allow him to use the facilities in question, hopefully they will make it legal.

Over the last 10 yrs. I have done extensive ADA remodeling for my son that landed himself in a chair. During that time I have also traveled with him by car and plane and it is a good thing my boy is organized because there is alot of stuff involved in regards to his needs. Currently I just started work on a project here on the coast of OR that is going to be structured for ADA access using the knowledge I have gained at my son's. It will have all the hard to carry components on site and the bonus is that the place has probably the best view on the west coast!


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